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Pirate’s view on Šibenik

Pirate’s view on Šibenik show a beautiful panorama of medieval town of King Petar Krešimir IV. Sailing away starts on Pirate Galija boat with panoramic view on our Resort. Just before entrance to Šibenik chanel, from the right side you’ll see the fortress of St.Nicholas, monument of 0 category. Passing through Šibenik chanel, what will be […]

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Pirate’s view on Solaris

Pirate’s view on Solaris is a fun adventure for the young pirate gang on a pirate ship Galija in company of Solaris animation tea. Sailing away from harbour, magnificent view is pointed on Solaris Beach Resort. Excluding panoramic view on Solaris, there is wonderful view onto surrounding islands Krapanj, Zlarin and Drvenik. Training for captain […]

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Pirate sea adventure

Our pirate crew is taking you to misterious bays of Šibenik aquatory near island Kurba vela. All toghether with pirate crew is hunting hidden treasure along with singing and dancing on the boat. You should bring snorkeling equipment to dive in turquoise blue sea of Šibenik archipelagio; swimming and snorkeling is at your own risk. […]

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Family Pirate Adventure

Family Pirate Party on pirate ship Galija with Solaris animation team and old Solaris pirate crew. Pirate adventure on the boat is completed with party for kids, facepainting, dancing with Solaris animation team and Solaris mascot welcoming guests while entering the boat. Solaris mascot is welcoming guests while entering to Galija boat. Departure with Galija and […]

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